Wide-Ranging Rise-and-Recline Chairs with Either a Single or Dual Motor in Shefford, Bedfordshire

When you find it difficult to get up from your chair, we have the solution. Our rise-and-recline chairs give you the assistance you need to find the perfect position for sitting as well as lifting you up from the chair when you need it. At our showroom in Shefford, Bedfordshire, we also provide matching sofas and other furniture to seamlessly blend with your new rise-and-recline chair.

Extensive Features

All of our chairs are available with either a single motor for synchronized movement of the back and footrest or a dual motor to allow independent operation of the back and footrest. We offer a wide range of fabrics including leather options as well as styles to match the interior of your home. Our dedicated team provide helpful advice and also carry out an assessment to determine the most suitable chair for you.

Plenty of Choice

Our extensive range of rise-and-recline chairs inlcudes options from top manufacturerss Sherborne & Celebrity, We also stock a wide range of fireside chairs & can provide standard chairs and sofas to match with our rise-and-recline options. Additionally, you can also delight in a convenient adjustable bed which makes getting in and out of bed so much easier.

CONTACT us in Shefford, Bedfordshire, for more information about our rise-and-recline chairs and matching sofas.